English / about me

Welcome to my blog! I guess that you already figured out that I solely write in my mother tongue German. Unfortunately I do not have time to blog in English or Icelandic as well, which is a real shame!

If you are that curious about my life then you can use Google translator, which does a well-enough and simultaneously amusing job. I also recommend visiting my page on Facebook which I update as soon as anything interesting happens in my (photographic) life! Same goes for the "news" section of my homepage, of course!
For more information simply contact me at info (at) arctic-dreams.com - I'd be very happy to hear from you individually! :-)

For those who do not know who I am: My name is Kerstin Langenberger, I'm a wilderness photographer and Arctic Nature Guide who can't imagine life without nature and winter. I don't have a proper job, I don't even have a firm address: I live wherever I am, which in the past have been several places in Scandinavia (mainly Iceland), the Arctic (Svalbard), South Georgia (Antarctica), New Zealand and Germany.

I am totally fixed on the beauty of wild places (preferably cold ones...), photography, nature conservation and an eco-friendly, open-minded and frugal lifestyle. In civilization I'm a vegetarian (if possible even a freegan) and I do not drive cars. I try to minimze my carbon footprint as much as I can and to open others minds for the delicate beauty of the last remaining bits of wild nature in Europe - and the urgent need to act regarding climate change. My life is a congregation of compromises, but it always centers on nature and its conservation: Nature is my life, my joy, my adventure. I just hope that, one day, I will find a proper way to give something back to nature for all it gave to me, and what I'm so very grateful for.